We place providers in permanent positions at healthcare facilities

American Healthcare specializes in the placement of CRNA’s and Anesthesiologists at hospitals and surgery centers around the country. At AHC we are dedicated to helping residents and fellows in the field of anesthesiology gain job placement in a variety of facilities, from large hospitals and university medical centers to ambulatory surgery centers and small rural hospitals.

For nearly 20 years, AHC has specialized in matching providers with healthcare facilities that provide new and challenging practice opportunities, whether you’re just starting your career in the field of anesthesiology or are an established professional with years of experience looking to make a positive career change.

Over the years, our dedicated staff of medical recruiters has expanded its network of resources and partnerships with healthcare facilities, hospitals, and medical practices in an effort to provide Anesthesiologists and CRNA’s with access to job opportunities across the country. At AHC, we recognize the fact that each of our clients is unique and is looking for the right working environment in which he or she can thrive, be successful, and advance their medical career.

The national shortage of physicians has led to a high demand for skilled professionals in the field of anesthesiology, but choosing the right career opportunity can be challenging as well as time consuming. That’s why it makes good sense to make use of American Healthcare’s consulting and recruiting expertise to enhance your efforts in finding the most rewarding position for you.

Benefits for providers

Our goal is to provide great job opportunities for our providers and to secure their future in the medical field. Using our knowledge of the medical industry, we strive to identify permanent positions that meet your criteria. We help to simplify the process for you by coordinating all of the details from start to finish.

Throughout the search and hiring process, AHC represents your best interests and is intimately involved in the negotiation process to secure the best contracts and salary packages.

In short, at AHC, we go the extra mile to make sure a permanent job is a great fit for you and your family and that it meets your requirements as well as you expectations.

Benefits for healthcare facilities

Whether your facility is a large medical center, a private practice, or health clinic in a rural area, having a shortage of staff can interfere with your day to day operations, have an impact on patient safety, and threaten the continued success of your organization.

At American Healthcare we take pride in our reputation for providing healthcare facilities with highly qualified Anesthesiologists and CRNAs to fill a variety of staffing needs. We understand that every organization is unique with respect to its staffing need. Therefore, we personally consult with the human resources department at your facility to determine what positions are the most critical to be staffed.

This client-customized approach to finding the right fit for your staffing needs combined with our vast database of qualified Anesthesiologists and CRNA’s allows us to provide you with staffing to cover an absence due to vacation, sick or maternity leave, a shortage due to practice expansion, or an increased patient population.